Women on Record

Gramophone records revolutionized our listening experience. They ushered in mass culture which has since developed at breakneck speed with cinema, radio, television … and now the digital media. Gramophone technology emancipated female performers who, thanks to it, became the first women, anywhere in the world, to appear on the public stage (both literally and figuratively!), paving the way for the singing stars of today, from Lata Mangeshkar to Sunidhi Chauhan and from Ella Fitzgerald to Lady Gaga.

The changing world of entertainment has changed our definition of leisure, our social habits and the very tone and texture of our daily lives. We watch DVDs in our bedrooms. Or on our laptops. We browse the net for music and fileshare with unknown people. Women on Record captures these changes. It presents the points and modalities of crucial transitions together with the people who provoked and accompanied them.

Women on Record offers a wealth of both listening pleasure and information. It responds to a very wide range of music interests thanks to its accessible, user-friendly format … with biographies, interviews, photographs, audio recordings, videos, film clips ….

So join us in the celebration of the world of music……

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