Amlan Dasgupta

Amlan Das Gupta is Professor of English, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He is a noted scholar of Classical and Biblical Studies, English Renaissance literature and an authority on Miltonic studies in India having numerous publications to his credit.

He earned his B.A.(Hons.) fromPresidency College of the University of Calcutta and went on to pursue the M.A. at Jadavpur University. He received an M. Phil. from Oxford University and did his Ph.D. from Jadavpur University. After teaching at Scottish Church College and the University of Calcutta, he joined the faculty of Jadavpur University.

As per the Jadavpur University curriculum, he offers optional courses ranging from Classical and Arthurian Studies to Pre-Modern and Modern Literature.

He learnt Latin and Greek from Raymond Pilette, Jesuit father of St Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He gives lessons in these languages to interested students outside the university curriculum.

He is also building an archive of North Indian classical music at the School of Cultural Texts and Records at Jadavpur University. He has also offered a course on the history of North Indian Classical Music.

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