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CMAC – Centre for Media and Alternative Communication

CMAC works in the fields of culture, media, communication and design. Culture and media in India are undergoing a profound change. CMAC is in the process of exploring the various interfaces this involves – between art and technology, artists and the media, cultural production and dissemination in the internet age. Together with the arts, artists are changing too and so is performance space. Space and time today are no longer what they were. The media is no longer what it was and the forms of communication have changed and are changing drastically. CMAC has worked on these and related ideas for more than a decade, facilitating cultural production and communication through the various media available to us today. Women on Record is one of our projects on the visual and performing arts and their relationship to media and communication technologies.

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Women on Record Production

Women on Record, produced by CMAC, is an exhibition and live performance recreating the ambience of the gramophone era in India. It was launched in Delhi in 2010 and has subsequently traveled to several cities in India and abroad.

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Creative Team


Vidya Shah Parthiv Shah
Project Director Creative Director
Shweta Ghosh Neha Passi
Project Associate (Content) Designer
Meena Nanda



Prof. Amlan Dasgupta Sharbori Roy Chowdhary
Prof. Shahid Amin Dr. Ravina Aggarwal
Suresh Chandvankar Dr. Rajeev Patke
Saleem Kidwai Pran Nevile
Gita Sarabhai Rajan Prasad
S. Kalidas N K Sharma
Dr. Stephen Hughes Ashis Bhadra
Dr. Deepti Priya Mehrotra AVK Ranga Rao
Shikha Jhingan Mehul Parekh
Urmila Bhirdikar S L Saha
Dr. Vibodh Parthasarathy Shikhar Tripathi
Dr. Shahrukh Husain Bhavna Panday
Nasreen Munni Kabir Nargis Wadia
Roy Wadia Saif Mahmood
Dwijen Rangnekar Shubha Chaudhary
Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam Janet Topp Fargion
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