Hira Mandi, Lahore
The dilapidated buildings reflect Hira Mandi’s present squalor and provide a concrete representation of the decay of the institution of the tawa’if. But the latticed balconies of these buildings and their elegant architecture allude to a lost era of refinement and high art.

Photos © Parthiv Shah

Ghosh Bari, Kolkata
Ghosh Bari is a sprawling nine-pillared mansion or bari built in 1842. It is home to Pradip Ghosh. The jalsaghar or mehfil room is no longer in use but the bari’s relationship with music still endures. It is the venue for the All Bengal Music Conference.

Photos by Parthiv Shah

Nadia lived in Muneeza Lodge, a colonial era building, in Colaba, Mumbai. She is buried in the Christian Cemetery at Sewri. The cemetery was built by the British in the mid-nineteenth century. It is the largest Christian cemetery in Mumbai and is very peaceful.

Photos by Hemal Shringla, © CMAC

Photos by Bhavna Panday, © CMAC

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