India’s First Diva

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Ghosh Bari is located on 47, Pathuriaghata Street. It is home to Pradip Ghosh, a descendant of Khelat Chandra Ghosh, who built this sprawling nine-pillared house. According to information obtained from the manager of the property, it was built in the year 1842 and currently hosts the All Bengal Music Conference. The All Bengal Music Conference was started by Manmath Ghosh in 1953 in an older bari, located on an adjacent plot of land on 46 Pathuriaghata Street. It was built by Ramlochan Ghosh, father of Khelat Chandra Ghosh. The annual event was shifted here in 2005. The Ghoshs’ live on the first floor and on the ground floor is the office.

The association of Ghosh bari with the world of music is immediately evident. Portraits of early 20th century singers cover a substantial part of the walls. There is a beautiful portrait of a very young Gauhar Jan, Angurbala, Indubala and others. The jalsaghar was obviously no longer in use and its furniture was covered with sheets.

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