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This site is about a whole lot of things. Music and its related arts, the technologies associated with them and the history of Indian entertainers and all that affects them from a hundred years ago to the present.

There has always been a hierarchy of forms of entertainment with a corresponding hierarchy of the senses. And today the visual dominates the rest. Which isn’t fair. Alisha Chinai pointed this out when she complained about how little she got paid for Kajra Re.

Actually Alisha’s brought up many vital issues affecting entertainers. She slapped Anu Malik with a sexual harassment suit years ago. And now she’s told Vishal-Shekhar to get off where they deserve. They offered her peanuts and she didn’t like it. Sunidhi Chauhan’s got the songs instead.

Vishal-Shekhar are calling Alisha ‘delusional’. Does anyone know what Anu Malik called her when she accused him of sexual harassment? Alisha’s doing an unusual thing in the cut-throat entertainment world. She’s sticking up for her rights. That might be considered delusional by some. Especially if they feel threatened by women who speak their mind. What do you think? We’d love to have your views.

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