Remembering Anthony Gonsalves

Anthony Gonsalves was one of the industry’s first music arrangers. He found work with Shyam Sundar as a violinist in 1943 at the age of 16. He soon graduated to ‘arranging’ music for him, fully orchestrating several of his songs. He also worked with Ghulam Haidar, Anil Biswas, Naushad, O. P. Nayyar and Madan Mohan and was indispensable to some of them. With the introduction of magnetic recording in the 50s, composers became more experimental. C. Ramachandra introduced ‘swing’ into Bollywood with tunes such as Gore Gore O Banke Chore (Samadhi) and Shola Jo Bhadke (Albela). ongs such as these would not have been possible without C. Ramachandra’s collaboration with Chic Chocolate, a Goan trumpettist who led a Jazz band at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay and was Bombay’s bestknown jazz musician. He has almost been deleted from history. His family was in possession of some photos and few gramophone discs which is all that remains of his music.

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