Jagjit Singh (1941-2011)

Babul Mora, Naihar Chhooto Hi Jaye

This thumri in Raga Bhairavi was composed by poet-Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh and has come to be associated with his pain when he was exiled by the British from his beloved Lucknow to Kolkata in 1856 : Babul mora, naihar chhooto hi jaye / Char kahar mil, mori doliya uthaye / Mora apna begana chhooto jaye … – My father! I’m leaving home / Four bearers lift my doli and I’m leaving those who were my own

It was immortalized by K. L. Saigal in Street Singer (1938) and Jagjit Singh composed and sang his version for Aavishkar in 1974 : Angana to parbat bhayo aur dehri bhayi bides … – The way back is blocked and I am going to a foreign country…Jagjit Singh bids us farewell and this is our tribute to him.

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